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Founded in the Year 1995……

A Noted Supplier of Translation in North China;

OMAR Service Covers All the Languages and Industries for Translation & Interpretation.

Omar strictly follows standard translation procedures; you may rest assured to trust Omar and its service.

We provide quick and good translation for pressing documents, and we provide professional versions for legal and technical papers.

Foreign Local
  • [Foreign]RubyRuby
    Born in Philippines, Ruby graduated from University of the Philippines, with the Master's Degree conferred. She has been engaged in (Filipino-English) translation for 5 years.
  • [Foreign]SusanSusan
    Conferred the Bachelor’s Degree by Munich University, Susan has provided translation services for 6 years (German-English).
  • [Foreign]ValVal
    Graduated from New York University of United States, Val has been engaged in English translation for 20 years.
  • [Local]Rita DongRita Dong
    Graduated from Tianjin Normal University, Rita Dong can speak English and Japanese fluently. Motto: Your satisfaction is the greatest support to me!
  • [Local]Elena ShanElena Shan
    Graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Elena Shan is good at English translation. She has rich experience in translation.
  • [Local]Catherine ShiCatherine Shi
    Conferred the Master's Degree by Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Catherine Shi has 6 years of experience in English-Russian translation.
Local Teachers Foreign Teachers
  • [Domestic teacher]Vivian XuVivian Xu
    Having 3 years of experience in English training, Vivian Xu teaches learners English knowledge and helps them communicate better in English.
  • [Domestic teacher]James RenJames Ren
    Conferred the Master’s Degree by Fudan University, James Ren has 20 years of experience in training. He ever worked as an oral examiner for National English Test.
  • [Domestic teacher]Jessica FangJessica Fang
    Conferred the Master’s Degree by Nankai University, Jessica Fang, with much knowledge, teaches English well and helps students understand foreign culture.
  • [Foreign Teacher]ClementClement
    Clement is very kind and gentle. She has undertaken English training for five years and participated in many training activities.
  • [Foreign Teacher]SusanSusan
    Conferred the Bachelor’s Degree by Munich University and the Master’s Degree by Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Susan is devoted to her job and also provides German training.
  • [Foreign Teacher]BessBess
    Bess is an open-minded and lovely girl, who has been conferred the Bachelor's Degree by Barcelona University and the Master's Degree by Beijing Foreign Studies University.